Our Interests Listed in Various Languages
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List of our interests and hobbies, written in various languages
This document is stuck on here as a picture. That way you will be able to see the various fonts and languages. It may take a while to "download" (develope on your screen) if you have a slow computer. Sorry. There wasn't any other way for it to come out right on all computers.

We only know a few words in German. I know two or three words in Russian. We have in our library, dictionaries in German/English; Russian/English and a Latvian/English dictionary. Please don't think we know the languages on this page fluently. Robyn had people online translate the text. (Real people and not "machine" translation.) The text should be fairly accurate as native speakers did the translation.

If you know any languages and would like to put this text into other languages, that would be wonderful! It would be nice to have this in Spanish. I would also like to be able to add the Russian translations that I do not have on here. Any help will be appreciated. Robyn