Favorite Flags
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Here are our favorite flags
and why they are our favorites:

Howdy from the "good ol' U.S. of A."!

Robyn and Douglas currently live in Michigan. Douglas is originally from Michigan.

Robyn is originally from Texas

We have both had many a wonderful hour driving through and visiting Oklahoma!

Robyn and Douglas trace their ancestry to Scotland. They would like to visit Scotland some day.

They also trace their ancestry to Germany. Douglas has been to Germany. Robyn would like to visit there.

Robyn thinks one of her grandfathers was Swiss. Robyn would enjoy visiting Switzerland.

Robyn thinks one of her grandmothers came from Germany or Austria.

Douglas' grandmother Weber, and his grandfather Somerville came from Canada. His grandmother came from Nova Scotia. His grandfather came from Ontario. We are able to visit Canada once in a while. If the Red Wings don't make it to the Stanley Cup, we root for a Canadian team to win.

Robyn is something of an "Anglophile". Watching British murder mysteries is a pastime of Robyn and Douglas. They both would like to visit England some day. Robyn has become an "addict" of "Coronation Street", the English soap. (This is the flag for the United Kingdom by the way.)

Douglas is the Admiral of the "Grand Fleet" or W.W.1 British Navy in a naval miniatures game he plays with friends. [1/1200 scale] (The English flag is here.)

Robyn has been writing Maruta a Latvian English teacher, since the summer of 1990. Maruta has the most beautiful handwriting! And her English is better than ours at times.

Robyn writes a gentleman in Shanghai, China. He wrote me an E-mail dealing with our mutual radio hobby. He asked if I was interested in China. I said, "A little. Are you interested in The Bible?". He said yes, and we write once in a while. I have learned a great deal about China that I did not know.

Sound: Organ comes up slowly behind. Announcer: Now, we have the latest from our story, "Robyn Writes to Russia"... One thing seems to lead to another for Robyn when she is online. She forgets how it happened, but she started writing Sasha (Alexander) in Moscow. Then she started writing to Vladimir in Kaliningrad. Sasha was studying law. Vladimir was getting a PHD in NMR (MRI) technology. Sasha went into the militia for a year. Then Vladimir moved to England in order to continue his schooling. When Sasha came out of the militia, Robyn ended up sending ICQ messages to his sister, Anuta. Anuta got married, so Robyn writes to Anuta and Onegin now.

Click on this logo to find out how I got the flags. It is very simple or I would not have done it. Don't ask me how it works though. This is a very good web site!