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Some of the Links from the "Healthy Eating Links" page, so that you can click on them.
This is not working 100% like I planned it. I had the pages set up with loads of links in the text. But to be able to click on them, I have to do it this way. AND there isn't space for ALL the links. So I will do the best I can. You can add pages, but you can't add another Links page. Bummer! This will have to do!! Thanks.

This is supposed to be a cabin and a garden with vegetables. I had to shrink it down so it would fit here. I drew it on the computer. Hopefully you can tell what it is supposed to be.

The Main Ones
Google If you want to view an article that I mention, and you have difficulty doing so, go to Google and try to find it that way.
BBC News Health Site I cite loads of articles from this site. This page changes daily, but you can go here and do a search for the articles I cite. They should all still be there.
Weston A. Price Foundation One stop source for good nutrition information.
Real Milk The Campaign for REAL MILK

More of the Main Health and Food Sites
Sumeria Net This website has loads of good stuff on it.
Soy Online Service The Best Anti-Soy web site. It is out of New Zealand.
Carotec Good Dietary Supplements company
Radio Free America My favorite radio talk show. You can hear it via short-wave radio or online. Details on this website.
Slow Foods Movement Website The "Slow Foods Movement" started in Italy as an "antidote" to "fast food".
CBC Consumers Canadian Broadcasting Corp. consumer page. You can get to the website for the program "Marketplace" on here. That has tons of good consumer info. for North America.
Dr. Ravnskov Site about "Cholesterol Myths". Cholesterol does not cause heart disease!!
The Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine Good scientific web site!!!!
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Inc. Very good site!! Good "Alternative" information.

Please see the pages where I got these links to understand fully WHY I have linked to these sites. Thanks!