List of Some Biblical Websites
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Some Addresses to Biblical Research Sites
Of course there are more resources out there. I just threw some together. If you go to you can find even more. I don't know if some of these at the very bottom are Biblically accurate. Sometimes I just "willy-nilly" save things in the "favorites" and this is some of what I saved.

Sorry but this page isn't set up so that you can click on the URLs (addresses) and go right to that web site. You can cut and paste the address into your browser. Or you can look up the sites on

Christian Family Fellowship
This is where we go when we go to "Ohio" for ministry events. Also there is a list on here with many more Biblical web sites.

The Unbound Bible at Biola University I don't have any Bible software on my computer yet. This is where I go when I want to look up words and do some study. You can even do a search in languages other than English. They have Bibles in ancient languages as well as modern languages. Very good site!!!!

Study Light Org. They have all sorts of concordances and research materials on here.

Crosswalk This one has tons of info. on it. A very good site for "mainstream" evangelical Christianity.

Creation Days in Denmark Part of the "Gap Theory" Ring. (A "ring" is a group of linked websites that are all about a particular subject.) They believe in the "gap theory" of Creation similar to what we do. ("Gap Theory" = that there is a gap of time between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 etc.)

Society of Biblical Literature

Bible History Online